Baking and Pastry Classes

You may attend our Baking and Pastry school to learn amazing pastries, but always remember, practice makes perfect.

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Yeast Doughs & Breads

Bread, in its simplest form, is nothing more than flour, water, and yeast. Yet, for something so simple, bread can be one of the most exciting and complex things to come out of a bakeshop. Products produced can include breads, rolls, sweet rolls, and Danish pastry. This course compares different yeast products, discusses the steps of yeast dough production, mixing, fermentation, and baking.

Quickbreads & Pies

Quickbreads are the perfect solutions for offering fresh handmade bread products. They can be easily made in an almost unlimited variety, using ingredients as whole wheat, rye, cornmeal, bran, oatmeal and many kinds of fruits, nuts, and spices. This course discusses the characteristics and production methods of quickbreads and pies. Includes biscuits, muffins, loaf cakes, puff pastry, éclair paste, doughnuts and fruit desserts.


Cookie means "small cake", however the formulas and make-up are very different. Because cookies are individually formed and shaped a large amount of time and labor go into the production. Learning the correct methods from our culinary arts school and then practicing them diligently are essential. This course lists and describes cookie characteristics, discusses preparation fundamentals and basic decorating techniques.


This course covers cake mixing methods, cake preparation fundamentals, assembling and icing, and decorating techniques.

Custards & Creams

A quick glance at this topic will seem over whelming because of the products it covers: custard sauces, pastry cream, puddings, custards, mousses, bavarians, soufflés, and ice creams to name a few. You will discover it is all much easier than it seems. This course covers the preparation of custards, puddings, Bavarians, mousses, soufflés, and frozen desserts.

You may find other Culinary Arts School near you, but the instructors at JNA Institute of Culinary Arts will teach you about making a wide range of desserts.

Email Admissions@CulinaryArts.EDU for more information about a particular course or program.